Your Next IPR (Interim Progress Report)

What does your customer really want?

  1. They want a good relationship with you
  2. They want a program that runs smoothly, where issues get fixed fast
  3. They want to be seen as heroes when your program succeeds

Your required IPR is an opportunity to give your customer all three.

We've seen first-hand the benefits of a well-excuted IPR:

  • Your audience is engaged
  • You attract attendees from other departments / agencies
  • Your audience remembers and talks about you afterward
  • You build a reputation as an exceptional contractor
  • You build new relationships with people who can bring you more business

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Real quotes from past attendees of our IPRs:

"This is the best-prepared IPR I've ever seen."

" I want to go to Synergetics' IPR - I know I'm going to see new stuff and want to know what they say."